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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  January 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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with 28 degrees in 29 in ocala. i expect a freeze for four to five hours starting around 2:30-3:00 o'clock in the morning. so palm coast, westward, all the way through marion county, and all the way up towards north florida and down on our west coast. that's where the freezing temperatures are likely to be tonight. but we'll also be talking more about the frost potential, which plays into a large part of lake county, including apopka, mount dora and to the north, northwest of deland. martha. new at 6:00, 9 investigates uncovered two orlando police officers are under investigation over bizarre chase that caught the attention of another agency. >> orange county deputies spotted an opd patrol car chasing a car, but without lights and sirens. channel 9 got the deputy's radio transmissions and cathy, the orlando officers apparently didn't inform anyone from opd
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>>reporter: it seeps those officers went out on their own, and sidetracked deputies who were patrolling the county's most dangerous area, to look into what they were doing opd says it is investigating officers mike favorite and fred role and it got weirder after deputies first saw the chase here at bell coand silver star. it was after midnight, december 28th, orange county deputies near pine hills and silver star were surprised by an opd patrol car, chasing a jeep grand cherokee in the county. and radioed in. >> looks like opd is in pursuit of a like gray jeep with no lights on. can you find out what they're chasing the jeep for. >> they say they're not working anything. >> they've got a unit pursuing this vehicle. >>reporter: five minutes later, it got even weirder. deputies t spoed the two
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two vehicles again, headed toward north pine hills road. the jeep was following the police car. >> glenn lake on the gulf -- one of them with a silver vehicle behind it. >> opd chasing a silver cheep. >>reporter: which could have meant bad guys overpowered the orlando office sxer took his patrol car. deputies called opd again, to make sure officers weren't under cover. >> opd is advising they don't have a unit in the area. >>reporter: opd got concerned. >> opd is not aware of a marked unit following another car. >>reporter: the sheriff's helicopter was about to go up when deputies caught up with the vehicles here on west colonial back in the city. and that's where the deputies radio transmissions ended. we're told opd could be investigating whether the two officers tried to keep the chase secret by driving the jeep from here back into the city after
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rather than protecting the ed at that scene. we've request requested opd's radio transmission asks it's working on our request. live in orange county, kathy belich. we are following breaking news out of jacksonville tonight, where investigate r tos say they have found the remains of a toddler, missing since july. channel 9's angela jacobs has been following the twopmentes and this is a huge -- developments and this is a huge piece of the puzzle. >>reporter: the chief investigator called the positive id of lonzie barton, just another step in the just tis they have been working to bring this toddler. new charges are being determined by the sheriff's office, but they can't say what they are or against who. they can only confirm that the chief suspect continues to be ruben ebron, who was lonzie's mother 's boyfriend and facing chances. investigators say ebron and his
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previously unsearched wooded area of the city's south side. >> to know that he was disposed of in a manner than he was, that's the key, today that was rectified. >>reporter: investigators now wait for the medical examiner's office to issue it find report. they expect that analysis to bing more answers in the coming weeks. orlando regional medical center has done everything they can to identify a man who has been in a coma for two weeks. they describe him as his panic or asian. he was nearly killed along kirkland road after christmas. he had no id on his his fingerprints didn't bring up any enforcement.
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>> we from time to time have john does. >> they cannot release a photo or a sketch of him because of security laws. a teen convicted of helping to lure another teen to his death. 19-year-old amber wright had her conviction overturned in 2014, when the court found out she wasn't properly read her miranda rights. accused of luring seth jackson to a marion county home where he was beaten, shot, and burned. in 2011. an orange county county judge is waiting until tomorrow, an attorney for edward says he should be able to await trial at home and be granted a bond in this case. he ran into orlando officer william anderson, and anderson suffered severe injuries but
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injured kelti. the wife told the judge that she is in fear, after she spotted two men photographing her and her husband outside of a courtroom. >> as i drove off with my husband in the vehicle, i received a call to drive to the orlando police department. as it was believed that we were being followed by those individuals. security measures were then taken to make sure we arrived at home safely. >> the judge is reviewing that video evidence and expects to issue a ruling tomorrow. 9 investigates whether an orange county commissioner is skirting public records laws by using his business e-mail address. we found commissioner ted edwards has been using his law firm e-mail for county business. channel 9 found out that county policy allows that. >>reporter: a local activist is concerned while trying to get public information on county business, his request was not fulfilled entirely. that's because he says some communication sent from
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address was not turned over entirely. >> private citizens shouldn't have to become private investigators. >>reporter: tim says while trying to get information involving this piece of land, he discovered an e-mail that makes him question transparency in local government. >> it was an e-mail from commissioner edward. >>reporter: there are a couple of them, november 20 #g9 references a memo with funding amounts. much of the back and forth provided is missing. >> didn't receive public records from commissioner edwards, private law firm e-mail account. what we don't know is what we don't know. >>reporter: the accusation comes two years after the county set is led text gate with a $90,000 pay out. commissioners edwards office says they did turn over all of the records mckinney requested and edwards only has isolated communication with his staff on his personal computer. even that, according to the
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considered public information. and should be turned over. the foundation suggests elected officials using other e-mail addresses carbon copy their official business e-mail address, and edwards did that in this e-mail, but not in these. leaving mckinney to wonder what public business may be lurking in private e-mails. >> from the federal government, on down, i think everybody should pretty much be clear now, this isn't good policy. >>reporter: we did confirm with the county that elected officials do have remote access to their county issued e-mail. rt roing in orlando, channel 9 eyewitness news. >>. >> mayor teresa jacobs and commissioner brian nelson responded saying they do not. however, we can't make a public information request without more speveng information. -- specific information. tomorrow kicks off the 2016 legislative session in tallahassee.
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fight over healthcare, nearly led to a government shut down. well, tomorrow, governor scott will also outline his priorities, during the state of the state address. a melbourne man charged with 23 counts of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer was ordered help without bond. he was booked into the brevard county jail. taylor fired at officers during a nearly 10-hour long stand off at the coral gardens apartment complex. police were called there on a domestic violence complaint. dozens of oviedo residents say they're the latest targets of phone calls from a fake business. and when they called the number back, they don't get the contractor, they get a another oviedo resident, an 82-year-old woman, whose number was stolen to trick her neighbors. police say the thieves can use an app to make her number show up on the victim's caller id when the call could be coming from anywhere. >> just don't take for granted what you're hearing on the telephone, is a 100% correct.
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people who fwot the calls, none of them gave the thieves money, but the 82-year-old had to change her phone number after getting 43 angry calls back, in just two hours. orlando police say a question by a suspect led to her arrest. officers say mcfadden and crystal jones were using counterfeit bills at the mall on saturday. the store clerk reported the two after jones asked to make sure that the money is real. they found fake bills on both of them. the family of a popular sanford business owner, who was kied last month, planned to hold a candle light vigil in his honor. joshua was shot outside of kim's food store two days before christmas. they want to question three
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sanford's police chief, plans to attend. eyewitness news first exposed dozens of homeless living at volusia's county administrative building. a plan to send all of them to a bus stop. plus, we're asking if drivers ticketed for red light running could be in for a refund now. here it is, already 48 degrees up around lake george and pierson, updating who will
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new at 6:00, volusia county leaders have a plan to tackle the county's growing homeless problem. we've told you about complaints from businesses in daytona beach about the dozens of homeless people who have been living outside of the county administration building, on beach street, but now, blaine found out that the county is looking to open the door for
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>>reporter: there are all kinds of people catching the bus at the terminal in daytona beach, even some who used to be homeless. tie release jones says he was on the streets but still isn't on board with the plan that would allow a few dozen transients in a temporary homeless camp. >> i was once there. >>reporter: the idea of moving the homeless from this county administrative building is getting more talk among county and city leaders. today, county officials admitted it's not a plan they're happy about. >> it's bad enough during the day with them asking you for money and they have the bathrooms tied up when you're trying to transfer from one bus to the other. >>reporter: this is a less from the block from the county administration building where they are staying, but this terminal right here, will keep them out of view of daytona's downtown business district.
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issues such as around the clock security, access to bath roop ts and their -- bathrooms. they would have to be trespassed from beach street. councilman josh wagner says he'd like to see the homeless move in the next few weeks, however, county officials are not sure how long it will take. cameras in orange county might be getting shortchanged. opponent dave shaw brought it to your attention that part of the intersection at turkey lake slopes downward. based on the state formula, that would mean some drivers should get up to 2 tenths more of a second of yoel le light time -- yellow light time. >> that means anyone that got tickets for one or two tenths of a second, shouldn't have got the tickets. >>reporter: shaw became a vocal opponent of red light cameras after getting his own ticket. we asked county traffic leaders
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a discrepancy and if drivers could get refunds and we are waiting to hear back. time is winning out for a group trying to get medical marijuana on florida's ballot, more than 520,000 signatures. covering news where you live, county by county tonight, lake county is, working to u grade the 911. the new grant worth more than $100,000 will be used to replace old equipment and upgrade the current system. the new system will allow people to text, send pictures and even videos to 911 dispatchers, in situations where callers can't talk. >> if you want to be quiet, in your home, and somebody is inside, that's a great idea. >> officials say it will take 18 months to have this new system up and running. in seminole, a were foer
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45 years in prison now for arson. altamonte springs police caught travis pierce because he was admiring his work, burning down the clubhouse near 434 and 436. the state fire marshal's office says the 27-year-old is on parole for arson and fraud charges, related to fires in lancaster county, pennsylvania. deputies say an orange city couple slashed their own tires to prevent a thief from stealing their car. investigators say kevin miller of knoxville, tennessee, asked the couple for a ride on new york avenue saturday night, but once he got into the kashgs he threatenned the woman driver with a -- threatened the woman driver with a knife. they jumped out of the car and the boyfriend stabbed the tires with his own knife. the male victim detained miller until they could could get there. >> that's creative. >> i'll say. we'll be waiting to see whether drones can help wildlife trappers capture nuisance coyotes living too close to an
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>> the city wants the coyotes captured and relocated to a more rural part of the county, but first, trappers have to locate them in the woods near the park. but today we got a look at the drone technology that's part of the effort. >> i think that the drones are an awesome technology and it's neat that they're able to use that and i'm hoping that they're able to keep the coyotes and take them safely and find a nice happy home for them. >> and if the coyotes are not trapped by midweek, we're told another drone equipped with infrared sensors will go up next. >> the coyote also be cold tonight. >> well, they have their winter coat. >> yeah. >> but a lot of our pets, time to bring them indoors tonight. out of the cold. these are the current conditions across orange county. they went by fast, sorry. in the upper 20 mid 50s, as we head up towards seminole, altamonte springs at 57. lake mary 54. let's check in with pierson, yeah, down to 84.
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and it's going to get chillys fast, we have the first freeze warning of the season. we start this about a month earlier. but el nino has had things out of whack from flagler koun towards marion, where a freeze is expected in the morning, 30 by daybreak, 29 ocala, 28 in citrus. about a 4-6 hour freeze duration. not going to be a hard freeze, we have to get 27 or colder for that. but either way, something you want to make sure if you've got the tender vegetation, keep it alive, bring it indoors or cover it up. make sure the pets are indoors and we'll have a strip of frost, i expect frost on the rooftop up in apopka in the morning when i start the day, patchy frost also through parts of central volusia county and on up in towards palm coast. so temperatures will be on the sienna, 93. 40 for st. cloud, kissimmee, the
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29 ocala, the cold spot, 34 palm coast. officially, you have a freeze warning, you are on the bubble here rs west of 95, where we'll have a better shot of getting down to say 32-30 degrees in our area i do not. orland, a day about like today, a couple of degrees warmer, today, the l cooest day so far -- coolest day so far of the certain. we'll hit 64 tomorrow. 67 melbourne and palm bay. 63 deland. now, we'll have dry weather until we get to late thursday. pay attention this week, we'll be talking about this, toward friday, another storm system in the gulf of mexico, will bring some storm energy across the state from the panhandle down to the south where we had the seasons first el nino tornado that did a lot of destruction near the fort meyers area, we'll be seeing a similar possibility of severe weather over the state. too early to tell if we're going to be in the middle of it or not, but 60% chance we'll be finding thunderstorms in the area, that will be friday.
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weekend always in view, couple l of cool morning in view, and we warm back up with upper 70s to start the nice weekend and we
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welcome back, there's no denying the college football playoff got it right. undefeated clemson against big bad alabama. number one versus number two. derrick henry, the heisman winner versus deshaun watson t heisman finalist, kickoff in glendale, two hours away. for the crimson tide, this is familiar territory. bama will be playing for the north national championship in the last 7 years, the tigers have not won a national, since 1981. a lot of the build up as focused on henry and watson. but shack lawson is in question due to a near injury, if he doesn't play, it could be a long night for the tigers defense. >> we may not be the favorite,
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the underdog, you know, we think that we've got a great team and i think that our fwies have done a great job of -- guys have done a great of embracing every role we've been put in for the last 7 years. to be honest with you. >> we work hard. all year. and in the off season, a very special moment. >> kickoff is at 8:30. magic, they held a practice state side before heading across the pond. in london on thursday, the second trip for the magic. they played in the 1993 preseason. this video, the current head coach, scott was playing lobs to shaq o'neil. >> tonight, the mystery continues in a braek neighborhood, nearly a week after i -- brevard county
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after they found him in the street. >> residents brought their concerns to us. thanks for watching channel 9 eyewitness news at 6:00. >> abc's world news tonight with david muir is up next. and for
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